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About us

About us

Our story, our identity
Guillaume Despagne & Marc Norlain, CEO and co-founder of ARIADNEXT

Through our digital Identity, document and ID control, document securing and electronic signature products, ARIADNEXT has created a trusting environment, conducive to the development of the digital world.

Our story is first and foremost that of an encounter. The company’s two visionary founders met long before our Breton gem was created. These two men held strong values of universality and simplicity, and were guided by their taste for a good challenge and their search for excellence. They began fighting against fraud, for more security and for enhanced trust in an ever-changing world that is leaving more and more room to digital processes.

Driven by the desire to start a business and persuaded they had an idea that would play a key role in the rising digital world, they created ARIADNEXT in 2010. Surrounded by a talented team, they drove our company to success. For the last 10 years now, we have been developing solutions renowned as being among the most ingenious and efficient in the world.

Trust is our foundation, identity is what we do.
We do Identity.

2010 to today: milestones


Supported by a team of three versatile workers, Guillaume Despagne and Marc Norlain launched ARIADNEXT with a view to developing and marketing a dematerialisation and electronic signature terminal in points of sale, known as the S<CUBE.


The S<CUBE was granted a CSPN (first level security certificate), approved by the French National Agency for Computer Security (ANSSI). It was rolled-out in 900 SFR shops


ARIADNEXT saw even further than the S<CUBE and launched its very first document control service in SAAS mode:



ARIADNEXT became the first Certification Authority qualified by the French National Agency of Secured Identities (ANTS) to generate 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seals. That same year, Auchan adopted the S


ARIADNEXT, as the leader on the 2D-Doc secure document issuing market, was commissioned by Bouygues Telecom to secure all its invoicing. With a view to making contract dematerialisation easier, ARIADNEXT created Check&Sign, a solution for acquiring ID cards and instantly checking a signature’s validity


ARIADNEXT then took a major step: the ANR chose to use IDFRAUD – a joint research project with the French Police – to develop new fake document detections algorithms. Smarteye was revamped and became


ARIADNEXT and four of its partners launched MOBIDEM, an applied research project centred on digital identity and electronic signatures, supported by the French government


ARIADNEXT, working in collaboration with mobile phone operators, started developing an innovative mobile application enabling the creation of a smartphone-based digital identity. Mobile Connect & Moi was thus born


Launch of’s Liveness Detection service, taking ID verification one step further! Supported by five partners, ARIADNEXT launched IDECYS.IO – an applied research project aiming to deliver digital identities to legal persons with a view to liberating digital processes in companies


ARIADNEXT and IN Groupe concluded a strategic partnership in the field of digital identity, to offer users and online service providers the most comprehensive and secure solution, accessible via France Connect.

Key figures

+80 employees
5 offices around Europe
20 million remote authentifications per year
4 products
15 million documents signed per year
180 million documents stamped per year
+300 clients trust us
10 years of experience

Close to our customers, everywhere in Europe

A network of five offices dispatched throughout Europe helps ensure ARIADNEXT strong European presence. This network brings us closer to our markets and customers, and is strengthened by our expert engineering teams who put their skills at the service of our international customers.


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