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ARIADNEXT is a member of the OpenID Foundation

The OpenID Foundation, established in June 2007, is an international organization of individuals and companies committed to promoting, protecting and supporting the OpenID community and OpenID technologies.

But what is OpenID technology? It is a decentralized authentication system that enables single sign-on, as well as attribute sharing. The system allows a user to authenticate to multiple sites without having to remember an identifier for each of them. And also, it avoids the need to fill in fields for each new form by reusing the available information. A protocol now adopted by all the major players on the web.

The Foundation, for its part, is the public trust organization representing a global open community of independent developers, industry leaders, and users. It supports the community by providing the necessary infrastructure and helping to promote the widespread adoption of OpenID. This involves managing intellectual property and brand marks and promoting the worldwide distribution of OpenID.

It is in this context that ARIADNEXT joins the OpenID Foundation, which has many advantages:

  • Collaboration with competitors and partners to develop pragmatic multi sector industry standards in an open-IP structure.
  • An insight into knowledge and market requirements to enhance existing services and launch new products.
  • The development of expertise in work groups with other developers, architects, and technical experts.
  • Cost sharing in work group research and interoperability testing of complex technical problems in internet identity.
  • Influencing the adoption of key internet identity standards and their certification, testing and registration.
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