Banks and Insurance

Banks & Insurance Companies

All banking institutions, credit institutions and insurance companies have to comply with various regulations that require the use of customer knowledge management or KYC (Know Your Customer) systems, with a reliable an thorough reporting process. The new regulations – in particular Bale II and III – require ever-increasing vigilance and faultless customer traceability.

Customer expectations and digital transformation create new ground for different approaches to risk management and service delivery.
Improved user experience (mostly online or mobile) and processing automation (in compliance with regulatory constraints) are the industry’s major issues.

Tackling your challenges

Answer the regulatory customer knowledge requirements of your business

AriadNEXT offers KYC verification solutions: a real-time answer on the validity of documents provided at the very start of a customer relationship.
These solutions comply with your business’ control standards.

Designing a reliable and comprehensive information flow reporting and automating your operations

While IDCHECK.IO API automates your processes and makes your data more reliable, IDCHECK.IO Back-Office provides access to all the necessary information for you to report on your control activity.

Adapting to market changes and customer requirements – increasingly focused on digitalization

IDCHECK.IO SDK and API offer real-time solutions that can be fully integrated into your customers’ online and mobile experiences.

Improve your customer relationship and offer a multichannel, seamless client experience

Whether online, mobile or face-to-face, our solutions support your sales teams or customers in creating their accounts. The experience is smooth and simplified and your user dropout rate at starting phase decreases

Case Study : Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Real time auditing of customer documents for the validation of consumer loan files

Customer Background

Our client – a consumer finance organization – provides loans and payment solutions to end-customers, to purchase goods and services.

Previously, application forms had to be completed, after which the end-customer had to wait for the loan to be granted – a distribution process that contributed to a low conversion rate. Our client wanted its users to apply for a loan directly, in their partnering or online stores – providing them with an answer for their loan in real time.

The implemented solution

The salesperson is equipped with a tablet and uses it to capture the client’s national identity card, passport, driving license, …, and bank account references (RIB), via IDCHECK.IO SDK. The documents are automatically checked by IDCHECK IO API. The form is pre-filled with the client’s name, first name, address, etc. and the bank’s notice on the loan is issued instantly.

This credit provider experienced a 50% reduction in its procedural costs and a significant increase in its conversion rate – both online and in its network of partnering outlets.

The outcome

savings on file processing costs

increase in sales volumes via a 100% digital customer/vendor experience

2 solutions adapted to their needs


IDCHECK.IO APIIntegrated document verification

Real time
Controls follow a "document file" mode
Automation of the KYC Process
Accelerating and improving the reliability of first stage customer relations
Seamless integration into the existing process

IDCHECK.IO SDKAutomatic capture of documents

Automatic document detection and capture
Instant form prefilling
Optimized user experience
Information retrieving and MRZ verification
Seamless integration into the existing process

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