In financial services, digital transformation raises new needs, new opportunities and new market players.

Fintech companies specialized in payment and credit services, money transfers, savings management or account aggregations offer increasingly innovative platforms to their customers. Nonetheless, they still need to comply with specific regulatory constraints.

We meet your challenges

Providing the best possible digital experience

The integration of our real-time verification services designed for mobility: IDCHECK.IO SDK and API, provides you with the best possible user experience to accompany your customers – and offers an optimal conversion rate!

Comforting regulating authorities

With IDCHECK.IO Back-Office, all your KYC operations become accurate and traceable via a complete tool.

Ensuring high growth and customer acquisition rates.

Our IDCHECK.IO API and IDCHECK.IO SDK solutions are flexible and easy to integrate. To ensure full piece of mind, all our SaaS services are scalable, secure and highly available.

Case Study : Lydia

Automating KYC operations during the early stage of the customer relationship

Customer Background

Lydia – a major emerging player on the French Fintech market – wanted to offer its users the best possible mobile experience for payment transactions.

With this in mind, onboarding operations and back-office controls must be as seamless and automatic as possible.

The implemented solution

AriadNEXT implemented its IDCHECK.IO SDK solution to ensure efficient document collection, on the move.

In order to improve the speed and reliability of KYC control operations, Lydia also integrated the IDCHECK.IO API solution into its back-office, to ensure a quick client feedback during the subscription stage.

The outcome

savings on file processing costs

increase in sales volumes thanks to a 100% digital customer/vendor experience

2 solutions adapted to their needs


IDCHECK.IO APIIntegrated document control

Real time
Controls follow a "document file" mode
Automation of the KYC Process
Accelerating and improving the reliability of first stage customer relations
Seamless integration into the existing process

IDCHECK.IO SDKAutomatic capture of documents

Automatic document detection and Capture
Instant form prefilling
Optimized user experience
Information retrieving and MRZ verification
Seamless integration into the existing process

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