Gaming and gambling

Online gambling operators need to comply with drastic standards and means of control defined by national regulatory authorities.

In order to stand out from the competition, industry players try to offer the best possible experience to their players – while respecting this regulatory framework.

We meet your challenges

Digitizing the account opening processing stage

Our real-time file verification services offer online gaming operators the possibility to dematerialize the entire initial business stage, when the customer first registers online – while reducing associated processing costs.

Offering user experiences tailored for the “Millenials” generation

Coupled with our verification services, our capture and subscription SDK makes the process 100% mobile.

Offering new user cases such as player registration via sales forces

Our offering enables online players to use our solutions online but also at points of presence or at sporting events.

Case Study: A sports betting company

Implementing a registration management solution

Customer Background

Our client is a major sports betting company in France. In this business, a set of controls needs to be performed on the betters before they can recover their gains.

These controls involve the creation of a file based on the person’s declarative information and documents that he/she sends through the website, by email or traditional mail. Before we stepped in, all this input was analyzed manually in order to create of the customer account.

Our client wanted to improve this long, tedious and costly procedure.

The implemented solution

We set up a portal to upload the bettor’s supporting documents, for the creation of his/her file. The entire file (ID and bank details) is automatically checked by IDCHECK.IO API, and then exported to our client’s IS.

Today, 50% of the account creation files are fully automated. On top of this, the sports betting company has decreased its back-office processing costs by 50%.

The outcome

A solution tailored to their needs

savings on registration file processing costs

of the files are 100% automated

IDCHECK.IO APIID verification

Simplified user experience
100% digital
Trust, KYC
Optimized conversion rate