The development of new technologies has deeply changed relations between states and citizens. Increasingly connected citizens expect governments to accelerate their move towards more accessibility and availability.

In a constrained economic environment, governments must implement solutions at fast pace, in order to offer new opportunities for their citizens to interact with public services, but also in order to enforce their control of people and objects within complex safety conditions.

AriadNEXT has developed a range of services and solutions to meet these challenges.

We meet your challenges

Secure documents in a hybrid electronic/paper environment

The SMARTSTAMP.IO 2D-DOC solutions developed by AriadNEXT together with the National Agency of Secured Securities (ANTS) offer a cost-effective solution to secure documents – whether electronic or printed.

Simpler and more efficient control of people and goods

AriadNEXT’s solutions enable real-time capturing and authentication of IDs and other credentials – even in mobility, from a smartphone.

Providing citizens with a mobile electronic identity

Mobidem is a mobile e-identity solution developed by AriadNEXT, Oberthur Technologies and Oodrive. It enables a fast and cost effective rollout of electronic identities. Co-financed by the French State, the solution will be available in 2017.

Case Study: French Government

Implementing a security service for residence permits

Customer Background

Today, residence permits issued by the High Commissions of French Polynesia and New Caledonia are produced without security devices – other than an inked stamp – to protecting them from falsification.
Controlling these documents on the ground becomes complex, since the controller uses only a few reference points.

The challenge for these two administrations was to implement a tailored solution, both cost-wise and in terms of operations, to adapt to the small volumes of documents issued.

The implemented solution

AriadNEXT suggested that the High Commissions of French Polynesia and New Caledonia use its SMARTSTAMP.IO solution in SaaS mode, to generate and secure residence permits in electronic format. The data entered by the agent is used to generate the permit and to stamp it with a 2D-DOC Visible Digital Seal. The permits are then issued locally, on pre-printed cards.

To maintain a secure connection to the generation platform, the agent uses an IAS-ECC card.
The resident permits are now secure and easily verifiable, using a mobile phone equipped with a camera.

2 solutions adapted to their needs


SMARTSTAMP.IOOffers the security of a smart chip, at the cost of a printout

Secures the entire batch of documents
Simple and reliable verification
Seamless integration into existing process

IDCHECK.IOReal time capture and verification of IDs

Automatic document detection and capture
Automatic real time control
Accelerating and improving the reliability of first stage customer relations
Seamless integration into existing process

MOBIDEMA mobile electronic ID developed by Ariadnext, Oberthur Technologies and Oodrive

Automatic document detection and capture
Instant automatic form prefilling
Optimized user experience
Information retrieving and MRZ verification
Seamless integration into existing process

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