Sharing Economy

Collaborative Economies

The growth of collaborative economies is based on the mutual trust that two parties are willing to invest, while entering a relationship via an online connection. On this very dynamic market, the changes in users’ habits are greatly accelerated and facilitated by smartphones and the overall digitization of services.

However, although collaborative economies are recognized as a great potential market for the future, these new businesses must enable smooth and mobile/online experiences, while also earning the trust of user communities. Limiting the risks of fraud is another major issue.

We meet your challenges

Establishing a trusted relationship

AriadNEXT’s verification solutions offer a real-time answer on the validity of documents that are provided when you enter a relationship.

Offering simple and mobile procedures

Integrating IDCHECK.IO SDK and API, our real-time verification services for mobility simplifies your customer experience and makes it smoother.

Fostering innovative user experiences

Reading documents in real time with IDCHECK.IO SDK and IDCHECK.IO API saves time for the end- user (no need to enter them manually) – offering your customers the best possible experience.
It also provides you with an optimized conversion rate.

Optimizing your ROI

Whether you wish to reduce your file processing costs, automate your customer relationship process, reduce your risk of fraud, or improve your conversion rate, IDCHECK.IO verification solutions are true levers for your ROI optimization.

Case Study: Tripndrive

Optimized web and mobile account creation

Customer Background

Our client wanted to optimize its customers’ experience by offering the possibility to create a secure account – from its website or from a smartphone on its mobile application – in less than one minute!
The idea in the long run, was to automate all the controls that had to be performed on a tenant to authorize his/her access to a car-sharing vehicle.
The main challenges in redesigning this customer experience were:

  • User efficiency and user experience
  • Complete automation
  • A reliable KYC

The implemented solution

The IDCHECK.IO solution was implemented gradually. At first, our client’s back-office connected directly to the IDCHECK.IO APP web portal, to check the documents of users who had just registered.

In a second stage, IDCHECK.IO API was integrated directly into the user experience, both online and mobile. This integration enables the user to control his/her documents in real-time – for an account creation in less than 1 minute.
On top of this, implementing a real-time experience for its users clearly improved Tripndrive’s conversion rate.

The outcome

A solution adapted to their needs

fraudulent subscriptions attempts now avoided


to implement the operational solution

IDCHECK.IOIdentity control

Simplified customer experience
100% digital
Trust, KYC
Optimized conversion rate

They trust us