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Simple and secure
electronic signature

Sign and manage all your documents digitally

You think a paper signature is a waste of time? That printing a PDF to sign it and then scanning it to send it back by email is probably not an optimal solution?

Discover our electronic signature service Check’ and sign all your documents electronically. Check’ ensures you gain efficiency and productivity in all your business processes. It allows you to electronically sign any document in PDF format while giving it a legal value.

Checknsign Electronic Signature

With Check’nSign the electronic signature has never been so simple, fast and compliant

002 Signature

Generate legally binding electronic signatures with a certificate authority

User Experience

Offer a digitised and secure journey to all your contacts and customers

Automatic fraud detection

Fight effectively against document fraud and identity theft

electronic signature

Optimize your processes with electronic signatures

Our Check’ offer relies on a combination of user-friendliness, speed and security, properly adapted to your needs and in compliance with all regulations in force. These services ensure increased efficiency in your sales processes and your administrative management.

009 Ok Simple

Thanks to Check’, electronic signatures are now simple, intuitive and accessible to all. Implementing the solution only requires simple training and it can be used instantly.

Check’ rapidly improves the productivity of your teams while also improving the customer experience.

006 Clock Fast

You can manage your electronic signature project with just a few clicks, using a portal and a mobile application that can be integrated in next to no time.

Our experts are here to help you and support you through every stage of your project.

Security Secure

As a Service Provider in Electronic Certification (PSCE in France), approved for RGS and eIDAS, ARIADNEXT has its own signature and Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs).

With Check’, we offer advanced electronic signatures based on identity verification.



Complies with European regulations Compliant

Our approach combines security, certification and an easy-to-understand user process.

It is based on the full automation of certificate request registration processes, and on the hosting of signature key pairs in Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) – in compliance with new eIDAS European standards.


Checkn’Sign, a simple and easy to handle electronic signature service

electronic signature service

How does our electronic signature service work? It is very simple.

You deposit your document awaiting signature and designate the signatories and their email addresses. They then receive a notification by email, informing them that the document is awaiting signature.

Via this email, they access a link that allows them to go to the Check’ platform. By clicking, they are offered a signature path in which they will have to download their identity document in a simple and secure way. Once the identity documents have been verified, an eIDAS-compliant electronic certificate is generated. The document is then signed electronically and the signatory parties receive it by return email.

Technical solutions adapted to your needs

Signing contracts, approving an agreement, proof of purchase or proof of commitment, ect. With the Check' service, you integrate the electronic signature according to your needs and business processes.

002 Signature Sign documents

electronically on behalf of
your business as a legal entity

003 Checklist Collect signatures

from your customers, partners and users online and remotely

001 Contract Delegate identity checking

in order to generate
a digital signature certificate

Adopt the electronic signature, a topical process

Electronic Signature Service

Asking your customers to print a pdf to sign it by hand and then send you the scan or original by mail is an aging process, a factor in lost conversion. By switching to electronic signature, you are making your image more dynamic, in line with the new digital tools.

ARIADNEXT offers you Check’, to simplify and accelerate your contracting process. Thanks to a complete solution, requiring no integration, you no longer have to run after a signature. The process is streamlined from the moment the document is issued until it is signed.

Checknsign By Idnow

The simple, fast and compliant electronic signature

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