Customer Onboarding


Digitize and secure your customer onboarding

KYC and customer onboarding complete process


REDUCES onboarding process time

SIMPLIFIES your sales process





Optimizes your KYC

SMARTCONTRACT, a complete customer onboarding solution, available online or at point of sale.

How does it work?

Customer documents acquisition

No matter the way you intake the data (whether from a dedicated device, a tablet, or an online subscription portal), we will accompany you as soon as the constituent documents of the contract have been captured.

Adapting the capture process: depending on the level of security required by your activity or your onboarding process, we will provide you with the appropriate capture solution.

Document Analysis – KYC controls

A validity check of the documents is performed, together with a control of the overall consistency and completeness of the file, according to your business rules.

Reduces the number of incomplete files: your teams save time and optimize their efficiency thanks to decreased customer calls.

Reduces subscription fraud: documents are analyzed in real time in order to fully control your customer risk.

Data retrieval

Information extracted from the various supporting documents is used to feed the customer contract and your CRM tools.

Reduces input errors: your teams can dedicate their time to your customers instead of dealing with the administrative part of sales. Your customer is assisted in the input process in order to avoid any mistakes.

Electronic signature of the contract

The contract is then available for signature on the dedicated device, or directly online. The electronic signature proceeds smoothly without disrupting the digital process already initiated.

Forget the multiple paper copies of contracts to be signed: profit from improved business efficiency and corporate image! Your customers will appreciate your simplified process.

Sending the contract by email

The signed contract is sent to your customer by email to finalize the 100% digital contracting process.

Forget the paper copy of the contract that had to be kept and filed: archiving becomes digital – i.e. simplified – for you and your customer.

Back-Office Information Access

You can access all your clients’ files at all times: throughout the contracting process, and after. The back-office tool goes beyond data viewing and retrieving: it can also be used for you to manage your distribution processes.

Using AriadNEXT for customer acquisition
Also means:

Real-time, reliable KYC controls

Controls are performed in real time, before delivering the service to your customers – allowing for reduced fraud at the very subscription stage. With 80% of the files automatically validated, your back office can focus on the suspicious cases.

AriadNext performs 3 types of controls on your files:

  • Authenticity: we check the validity of IDs, verifies bank accounts (RIB), proofs of residence, salary slips, etc.
  • Consistency: we control the consistency of data from different documents (name and first name, dates etc.)
  • Completeness: we check that all the expected documents are included in the file.

Contract dematerialization

The mandatory documents are digitized at point of sale or sent online, to our secure servers.
No more documents to be photocopied for central filing or archiving!

The contract is signed electronically by the customer, following your specific business standards. This signature has legal value throughout Europe and is perfectly in line with the new eIDAS regulations.


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