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Digital identity: the government’s strategy emerges

Identidad digital

The digital identity model in France is being refined, with the aim of identifying oneself online with the highest degree of security.

To achieve this mission, the PS deputy Marietta Karamanli, has opened a citizen consultation on the site of the National Assembly, even though the decisions are already well underway. Indeed, at an interministerial meeting in January, it was defined that only public identity providers and a few third party players, hand-picked and duly sworn in by the ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems), should be recognized by FranceConnect. This system allows Internet users to identify themselves to an online service via an existing account such as an account at or This decision was motivated by the fear of the supremacy of GAFAM on the web.

However, this strategy is problematic for local players. “If the government does not want the GAFAMs to take over the market, we need to develop national and European players, and not dry up the market by offering free state authentication solutions for private companies” explains Guillaume Despagne, president of ARIADNEXT.

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