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Fintech market is growing in Spain

Photo Madrid Fintech

FinTechs have changed the landscape of financial markets around the world. In the ranking of countries hosting Fintech, Spain reached the 6th position worlwide, with over 400 operational start-ups. This sector is probably the one that brings together the most companies in the country, and many start-ups managed to attract investors, such as Flywire, with €200 million of investment over the past two years. Therefore, on the financial market, collaboration is key. FinTech are filling in aspects of the market unattractive for traditional players, such as banks, thus meeting a previously neglected demand.

El Referente, a Spanish newspaper for entrepreneurs and start-ups, has published its first report on the local Fintech ecosystem, in collaboration with ABANCA Innova. It is an honor to be mentioned. ARIADNEXT evolves amongst a growing and promising sector and allows other companies in this market to comply with regulations by verifying the identity of their customers.

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