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Fintech: using new technologies to reinvent finance

Finance is considered as one of the industries most exposed to the direct impact of new technologies. The digital transformation thus created new needs, new opportunities and new stakeholders: Fintech companies. Contraction of finance and technology, the term Fintech has emerged since 2015 to illustrate the arrival of new technologies in the finance sector.

Specialists in payment, credit, money transfer, savings management and account aggregation, Fintechs offer their clients ever more innovative platforms and shake up the codes of the financial sector. As fairly young start-ups, they use digital, artificial intelligence, mobile and connected technologies to reach a large number of B to B and B to C consumers.

Just like traditional players in the financial sector, Fintechs remain subject to vigilance measures and numerous regulations related to customer knowledge. They must implement KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. ARIADNEXT thus helps many Fintechs to take up strategic challenges such as automating and digitising processes, complying with regulations, combating document fraud and improving online customer paths.

Fintech companies trust us:

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Respecting regulations and the customer experience: at the heart of digital transformation

Document falsification, identity theft, false websites, etc. – the start-ups offering loans to private individuals are particularly affected by these fraudulent acts. In the face of the digital boom, European regulations (directive concerning the fight against money laundering) has imposed new evolutions in remote “Know Your Customer” (KYC) processes.

The challenge for Fintech companies is to find a solution offering customers a smooth and simple business relation, whilst meeting regulating authorities’ constraints.

ARIADNEXT helps fight against fraud and crime by offering an automated, real-time verification solution for ID documents and other supporting items, as well as the verification of the user’s ID. With its solutions, ARIADNEXT helps face some of these vigilance measures, stemming from the implementation of the anti-money laundering directive.

Our solutions provide concrete and high-performance answers to your issues

KYC and AML regulatory obligations

Detecting fraud

Verifications of documents

Customer registration

Opening accounts

Bank transaction

Comply with regulatory constraints for knowing customers

ARIADNEXT’s verification solutions offer a real-time answer to the validity of provided documents and to the person’s actual identity and proof of life.

Now bestowed with a facial recognition and liveness detection solution, is perfectly adapted to your constraints.

Providing the best possible digital experience

The integration of our document and ID verification services - designed to provide an instant response - offers your users the best possible experience in supporting customers, and obtaining optimal transformation rates.

Thanks to its high-performance capture tools to be used with smartphones or computers. offers a comprehensive service for the benefit of your customer experience.

Reassure regulating authorities

With IDCHECK.IO Back-Office, all your KYC operations become accurate and traceable via a comprehensive tool. Moreover, document and ID verification services are being assessed by the National Agency for Computer Security (ANSSI) in France - thus providing additional answers as to the device’s reliability.

Our products in use – concrete example of how our solutions are used

Customer case study

Lydia, a company specialized in online smartphone-based payments, entrusts us with the real-time verification of ID documents as part of their subscription programs.

1.The requirement

Offer the best possible mobile experience to users offering increased rates of reading and verification of identity documents

2.Solution API for automatic real-time verification of identification documents sent by users when they subscribe to the service.


Clear satisfaction of final customers and an online conversion rate in line with expectations of the founders of LYDIA.

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