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Benefit from a digitized, automated and secure identity verification service

In an economic environment that is becoming increasingly digitalized, uses and behaviors are changing. Today, it is becoming essential for companies to rethink user paths in order to offer them fast, reliable and ergonomic online services. This affects the entire customer journey, and more particularly the customer onboarding stage, which must bring mutual trust between all the players.

The integration of the identity verification service gives you the confidence you need at the initial contact stage, helps combat fraud and meets regulatory requirements, while providing a smooth and enjoyable user experience. is the reference automated identity verification solution on the European market. It is used by major financial institutions, many Fintechs, online gaming operators as well as many service providers needing confidence in an increasingly digital and regulated world.

identity verification service

An answer to your challenges in terms of identity verification

Regulatory compliance

Meeting regulatory constraints and Know Your Customer processes (KYC) related to your industry

Automatic fraud detection

Fighting effectively against attempts at document fraud and protect you from identity theft

User Experience

Offer a client onboarding process digitized and secured in order to take advantage of an optimal transformation rate

identity verification online, a flexible product offering a range of possibilities

From controlling identity documents to full identity checks, offers an array of automated services ensuring smooth, instant and paperless initial business stages. Your client onboarding is automated, frauds are detected and your services are fully KYC AML compliant.

document verification Document verification

Our document verification services allow you to check all types of documents, such as bank statements or proof of address. Document data is automatically extracted and analysed using deep learning technologies. You receive an instant verdict on the authenticity of the document.

Our document verification service gives you an answer in less than 12 seconds.


Check identity documents Check identity documents

Capturing and checking identity documents has never been so easy! The range of features offered by allow 100% automatic real-time checking of identity documents: ID cards, passports, driving licenses, residence permits…etc. can process identity documents from over 180 countries.

Our ID document verification service integrates directly into your applications for optimized and instantaneous customer onboarding.


Identity verification Identity verification

In order to guarantee a trustworthy identity, we offer a document holder identity verification service. Thanks to our APIs, you can easily integrate into your solutions a facial recognition service that compares the user’s face with the face on the identity document using biometric recognition technologies.

To take identity verification one step further, we offer a living detection service. Our services ensure that the user is who he or she claims to be and protect you against fraud.


Documents capture Documents capture

In web or mobile version, our SDKs allow you to easily capture and then scan high quality documents. You are guided through the document capture process and receive an instant response on the quality of the document. In addition, our SDKs are fully customizable and can be easily integrated into your interfaces and applications.

Our document capture tool ensures quality control while optimizing the user experience.



Technical solutions that adapt to your needs

Renowned for its technical excellence, ARIADNEXT develops proprietary IT solutions. Each solution is the result of our own Research and Development, using biometrics, artificial intelligence and the latest technology. Easy to use, fast and simple to integrate, our technical solution is sure to meet your requirements.

Identity verification applications

Standalone web and mobile applications for a turnkey service


API for real-time data extraction, management and analysis


Web and mobile SDK for automatic document capture


High-performance Back-Office to manage your control operations


A liveness detection service to push our ability to guarantee your customers’ identity even further



A liveness detection service

Making sure that the person who wishes to subscribe to a service is who they say they are, and ensuring that this person is present when they register, are important issues for many businesses. ARIADNEXT has now equipped with a liveness detection service, available via our Web or Mobile services.

The process is simple, the user makes a video during which he responds to movements requested by the solution, and our API performs multiple comparisons between the video and the photo extracted from the ID document. Our service is based on motion analysis between two automated shots.

Our new service, combined with document verification services, provides you with robust protection against fraud while enjoying a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

KYC and AML compliance: a sizeable challenge for economic stakeholders

identity document capture

To avoid penalties, financial institutions and other regulated companies such as insurance companies or online gaming operators must ensure they comply with the strictest regulations pertaining to KYC (Know Your Customer) and to the fight against money laundering (AML).

Investing in identity checks and collecting information from customers without creating friction during the subscription process is a true challenge.’s many functionalities provide a comprehensive answer to all these problems: acquiring customer data, verifying the authenticity of identity documents and checking the presence of the user at the time of subscription are all services that make KYC procedures so much easier!

With our automated identity verification services, you are KYC AML compliant while providing an optimised and enjoyable onboarding experience for your customers.

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