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Mobile registration and
digital identity
management platform

MobileID is a mobile and instant system that delivers highly-secure identities of substantial or high levels as per the eIDAS regulation

When facing the challenges of an increasingly digitalised world, where the GAFA supremacy is becoming a concern, the implementation of secure digital identities is now a major societal requirement. These digital identities should enable governments, public services, private companies and regulated activities (banks, Fintech, online gaming, etc.) to prevent the risk of fraud and comply with increasingly constraining regulations whilst remaining accessible to the general public.

ARIADNEXT developed MobileID, a unique and innovative Europe-wide platform that delivers secure, mobile and digital identities at a guaranteed substantial or high level as per the eIDAS regulation.


A platform that is specially tailored to your requirements


MobileID is accessible to all


A digital identity in a matter of seconds using our IDCHECK.IO identity verification services


The certainty that comes with a highly secure identity


An identity that requires your consent for access to personal data

Mobileiden, a registration and digital identity management platform that uses robust components that are simple to integrate into your processes

Mobile APP

A mobile application that includes services for registration and authentication

Allows the registration of users, the capture of identity documents and recurring identification. This application uses the ID verification services of as well as a soft token authentication mechanism or one that is integrated to the SIM. Life cycle Manager

An identity life cycle manager.

Allows the management of processes associated with the life cycle of identities from their creation through to their deletion.

MobileID.Io IdP

Identity provider

Complying fully with basic standards (OIDC, SAML), this software component works with the identity lifecycle manager. It includes connectors used for authentication mechanisms.

Mobile Connect & Moi, our operational solution in France

In 2017, ARIADNEXT launched a digital identity solution in France, based on the digital identity platform

Initially, Mobile Connect & Moi was a joint initiative launched by ARIADNEXT and Orange, stemming from the MOBIDEM research programme. The rolled-out identity-based encryption relies on’s basic components:

  • An application to register users;
  • identity verification services;
  • An ID provider and ID lifecycle manager;
  • A connector with Mobile Connect, the standard authentication mechanism deployed by GSMA.

Mobile Connect & Moi is currently being assessed by the French National Agency for Computer Security (ANSSI) and aims to provide a substantial-level identity as per the eIDAS regulation.


Access 500 public and private services in a secure manner thanks to your Mobile Connect et Moi ID

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