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What is a secure digital identity?

Digital identity is defined as the identity of an entity on the web. It is the technological link between a real entity (a person, a company, an organization) and virtual entities, i.e. its digital representations. The digital identity thus allows the identification of an individual online, as well as his or her connection to services offered on the web.

Gone are the lists of identifiers and passwords to remember to authenticate oneself online, from now on digital identity makes it possible to prove that the user is indeed the person he or she claims to be and thus to identify oneself to online services in a secure manner. These digital identities enable governments, public services, private companies and regulated activities (banks, Fintech, online games, etc.) to protect themselves against the risks of fraud and to comply with increasingly restrictive regulations while remaining accessible to the greatest number of people.

Faced with the challenges of a world where digital technology is becoming increasingly important and where the supremacy of the GAFA is beginning to worry States, the implementation of secure digital identities is a major issue.

With MobileID, benefit from an instant and secure digital identity

ARIADNEXT has developed MobileID, a platform that allows you to create your digital identity instantly and securely. is an enrollment, identification and digital identity management platform based on robust components that can be integrated into your processes and customized to fit your business environment.

The principle? Initially, an enrolment application allows users to validate and create their identities by scanning their IDs and then performing a facial recognition check. Once user identities are created securely and instantly, our platform maintains and manages the users' digital identities. Thanks to a back-office, you can then monitor and manage all the users' digital identities. Finally, on the user side, they simply need to authenticate themselves through a mobile application using a two-factor authentication that complies with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) standards.

MobileID is an innovative and unique platform in Europe delivering Secure Digital Identities according to the eIDAS regulation. The solution also complies with the GDPR and respects the protection of users' personal data.

Adaptability Adaptability

A platform that is specially tailored to your requirements

Inclusive Inclusive

MobileID is accessible to all users

006 Clock Instant

A digital identity created instantly

Security Security

The certainty that comes with a highly secure identity

Data Protection Protection

An identity that respects access to personal data

Mobileid digital identity

A robust digital identity management platform that can be easily integrated into your business processes

You edit a service or an application and you want to offer your users a simple and secure way to identify themselves? Integrate the modules MobileID and get reliable and secure information that will allow you to operate your services with confidence.

MobileID Application APP

A mobile application that allows the automatic enrolment of users. It is based on our identity verification services and allows the initialization of a mobile authentication method.

From the application, the user makes a capture of his identity document whose authenticity is verified in real time thanks to our API. It then carries out facial recognition, via a selfie, which will check that the user is indeed the holder of the verified identity document. Finally, as a last step to prove that the user is indeed present during the process, he performs an identity check via a video detection of the living.

Thanks to our application, the user’s identity is verified and you are guaranteed that the user who registers is who he claims to be.

Team IDP (IDentity Provider)

The IDP is a system for creating, maintaining, and managing users’ digital identities, while allowing for the association and use of an authentication method linked to digital identities.

Once the digital identities are created, the platform enables the tracking of their activities and the management of the processes associated with their life cycle through a back-office. You can validate / invalidate accounts, change identities manually, manage authentication means or get views on connections.

The platform also allows user authentication, which is triggered from your service provider and is interfaced with the standard OIDC or SAML protocols.

Check identity documents Authenticator Authenticator is a software suite that allows users to authenticate themselves through a mobile application.

The application includes an SDK that enables the activation and implementation of authentication and signature functions, as well as a server offering the implementation of cryptographic mechanisms for the generation and verification of keys and signatures.

Finally, offers two-factor authentication according to SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) standards using its smartphone and pin code. The SCA client is integrated into the application and is initialized during the enrolment phase.

Mobile Connect & Moi, our operational digital identity in France

identité numérique ariadnext

In 2017, ARIADNEXT launched a digital identity solution in France, based on the digital identity platform, which provides secure access to more than 500 public and private services.

Initially, Mobile Connect & Moi was a joint initiative launched by ARIADNEXT and Orange, stemming from the MOBIDEM research programme. The rolled-out identity-based encryption relies on’s basic components:

  • An application to register users;
  • identity verification services;
  • An ID provider and ID lifecycle manager;
  • A connector with Mobile Connect, the standard authentication mechanism deployed by GSMA.

Mobile Connect & Moi is a simple, convenient, secure and completely free service.

Mobileid By Idnow

Instant and secure digital identity

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