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A universal digital identity in France

Digital identity is back in the spotlight Authenticating oneself via a single identifier to consult websites, make online purchases or connect to public services is possible thanks to digital identity. The objective? To provide an individual with a secure and reusable identity for all their online activities. In France, the government wants to set up […]

ARIADNEXT keeps its objectives

The health crisis has impacted the activity and results of many companies. ARIADNEXT is one of the fortunate ones for which projects have not been affected and whose strategic objectives are maintained. “During the containment, we have seen a decrease in the number of identity document checks. But since mid-May, it’s been going up again. […]

Immunity passport: the solution must have a European scope

What is the immunity passport? It’s a pass for its owner to prove immunity to Covid-19. It implies that the person has been tested previously and is immune. The immunity passport will thus allow free movement through different territories. Contrary to the StopCovid application, which is intended to be preventive, the passport is an a […]

Dematerialization: what lessons and challenges can be drawn from the health crisis?

The health crisis is forcing companies to reorganise The current health crisis has been blocking the country for almost 2 months now and demonstrates the economic cost of business stoppages. Compliance with security measures, such as distancing, requires a different rethinking of operating modes, optimization of contactless processes and dematerialization. Dematerialization: a major challenge Dematerialization […]

Home office: what about data security?

How does ARIADNEXT ensure full compliance with GDPR during this period ?   The health crisis has forced us to implement teleworking solutions, more often than not in a hurry. From an infrastructure point of view, this does not lead to any particular difficulty, mostly due to the general and gradual shift to cloud applications. […]

Remote identification takes a giant step forward with the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive

The arrival of the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive Since the founding text of 1996, a succession of laws have been passed to regulate and protect the financial system. They simplify interactions between customers and financial institutions. The 5th European Directive on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing (AML-FT), which came into force in […]

Digital identity: “The french state tends to have a protectionist stance”

Clubic interviewed Marc Norlain, CEO of Ariadnext, to discuss digital identity in a global way. Discover, through this article in French, the different stakes of digital identity, notably the regalian vision of the State, the confusion around the electronic identity card project, as well as the place of the GDPR in these environments.

Guillaume Despagne’s entrepreneurial spirit

On the occasion of the “Global Industrie” trade fair (which was originally planned for March and was postponed to June due to covid-19), AAMag and “Arts & Métiers Alumni” are meeting the Gadzarts who today embody the world of industry. Discover, in French version, the portrait of our president Guillaume Despagne: from his studies as an […]

Digital identity: the government’s strategy emerges

The digital identity model in France is being refined, with the aim of identifying oneself online with the highest degree of security. To achieve this mission, the PS deputy Marietta Karamanli, has opened a citizen consultation on the site of the National Assembly, even though the decisions are already well underway. Indeed, at an interministerial […]

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