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Online gaming & gambling

Online gaming & gambling

In a sector where the safety and protection of consumers are essential, online gaming operators need to comply with drastic standards and means of control defined by national regulatory authorities.

Be it for online poker or sporting bets, these stakeholders strive to offer the best possible experience to their players – while respecting this regulatory framework. An effective way of standing out from the competition.

Online gaming and gambling companies trust us:

Identification verification: a matter of primordial importance for online gaming

Money laundering, identity theft, stealing payment means, fraud, etc. – in accepting the digital revolution, online gaming stakeholders have had to face a constant increase in identity fraud crimes.
Despite the regulatory, control and information means implemented to protect players, the major issue of fraud lives on.

ARIADNEXT offers automated supporting document verification solutions for users, which are secure, easy to use and accessible to the general public.

Our solutions provide concrete and high-performance answers to your issues

KYC and AML regulatory obligations

Detecting fraud

Age verification

Bank transactions

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Digitizing the account opening processing stage

Our real-time supporting document verification services offer online gaming operators the possibility to dematerialize the entire initial business stage, when the customer first registers online – while reducing associated processing costs.

Now bestowed with a facial recognition and liveness detection solution, is a system that will further our ability to guarantee your customers’ identity.

Offering user experiences tailored for the “Millenials” generation

Coupled with our verification services, our capture and enrollment SDK allows to digitize 100% of the enrollment process in both native mobile courses and web courses.

Thanks to its effective document capture tools in smartphones, offers a comprehensive service for the benefit of your customer experience.

Offering new user cases such as player registration via sales forces

Our offering enables online gaming stakeholders, as well as their own sales forces, to use our online solutions at points of presence or sporting events.

Our products in use – concrete example of how our solutions are used

Customer case study

The French PMU (tote betting) entrusts us with customer identity verifications when accounts are created

1.The requirement

Verification of documentary evidence of age of players prior to allowing them to claim their winnings.

Automation and reduction of costs for customer onboarding.

2.Solution API in file mode for the unit verification of identity documents and other documentary evidence as well as verification of coherence between different items. SDK Mobile for sales teams and for integration to interactive kiosks.


More than 50% of files for creating accounts are fully automated.

Back-office processing costs halved.

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