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Our team and our values

Our Management team

Having been duly acknowledged by our customers, we have known strong growth. Human interactions are our main richness and prime concern.
Discover the men and women who manage our teams on a daily basis.

Guillaume DESPAGNE President
Marc NORLAIN Director General
Bertrand BOUTELOUP VP Sales & Communication
Fabien CHEVALIER Director of Research Department
Sandra HELIGON Director of Development Department
Jérôme GOUJON Director of Production
Fabrice ROUILLIER Director of CSM department
Christian BRUNETTE CSM & Product Manager
Amélie GEMIN Office Manager

We are proud of our team

Our development requires us to constantly recruit staff to strengthen our teams. Joining ARIADNEXT means joining a tightly-knit and united team. Over the past years, months and weeks, our workers have forged relations together which we strive to maintain by regularly organising formal and informal events.


Our values

Teamwork and trust are in our opinion a true source of motivation. We are convinced that good ideas and innovations can only emerge in good working conditions.
Our customers are our core concern. With them in mind, we focus our work on achieving constant excellence. We are always alert as to market changes and developments, so our solutions can evolve accordingly.

Team spirit

This helps us to achieve the best results.

Our team stands out because of its sense of solidarity. The diversity of the people working for ARIADNEXT, their skills and their experiences provide a source of inspiration and creativity every day. Together we’re stronger: this is a core value for us.


It encourages us to look towards the future, so as to anticipate and predict tomorrow’s products.

The desire for constant innovation is upheld by the men and women at ARIADNEXT, and by their will to improve our technicality. From its very first steps, ARIADNEXT launched numerous innovations, which its Research and Development teams are devoted to.


Trust is a fundamental value that needs to be mutual.

It guides our business and actions on a daily basis. Trust enables everyone to give the very best of themselves, it liberates our energy and encourages cooperation. It is the cornerstone of sustainable relationships with our company, both with our customers and our partners.


We aim for excellence in everything we do.

Excellence is what makes our heart beat. Pushing our limits further and further is in our DNA. Excellence is more than a mere goal, it is a personal attitude, a way of life and of doing things properly from start to finish. From the smallest to the biggest tasks.

Customer focus

Customers always have our full attention! To serve them as best we can, every day and on every possible level, we strive to show them our listening skills, ability to meet their expectations and quick reaction to their requests. What makes us most proud? That our very first customers are still here alongside us!

Working from home for improved employee well-being

Since the agreement was signed off in June 2018, our teams have loved being able to work from home.
The agreement concerns a large proportion of workers, who have over six months’ seniority and have everything they need to comfortably work at home.
Working from home once a week, or more occasionally, is part of our wider human ambition to develop new and more efficient working methods, and improve our employees’ quality of life.


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