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29 and 30 January 2019

Paris Fintech Forum

Paris Fintech Forum 2019

Guillaume Despagne, Chairman and co-founder of ARIADNEXT was chosen by the Paris Fintech Forum and figures among the 220 high-flying CEO speakers invited to take the floor during the fair, lasting two days.

Come and watch Guillaume Despagne speak on 29 January at 9.25 am – he will be giving a pitch about our company and will be broaching the topics of KYC, digital identity and innovation. He will also be present on 30 January at 9 am for a round table dedicated to KYC and identity – alongside those who run our main competing companies.

The Paris Fintech Forum is the largest European event focusing on digital finance at a time when Fintech is booming. Two days filled with debates, round tables, interviews and conferences – convening the chairmen and key managers of leading stakeholder companies in the field of international finance, as well as managers of the main Fintech companies in Europe and throughout the world.

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