Electronic signature


Sign and manage your contracts smoothly

Digital signature in just a few clicks

Cost reduction

RGS* certified

eIDAS compliant

Just a few clicks

CHECKNSIGN.IO, an innovative solution to manage requests for digital signature. It complies with current regulations and adapts to your needs.

How does it works

Signature request

Upload your document to be signed and choose the signatories.

Authentication of signatories

The signatories authenticate themselves by uploading their ID document, in a simple and secured manner.


An electronic certificate is generated on the fly based on the ID input. The document is signed electronically in our HSMs.

CHECKNSIGN.IO – the qualified electronic signature made VERY simple!
Our offer combines ultimate security and user-friendliness.

A web application

CHECKNSIGN.IO is an autonomous and secured web application that allows you to manage the signature of all of your contracts.



CHECKNSIGN.IO is also an API that allows to integrate the digital signature directly into your business process.



Authentication based on an ID

Authentication through OTP SMS

Key pair generation in an HSM and certificate generation

Signs and time-stamps the document

The signed document is returned by email or API

The signature request workflow is managed through the API

Visible signature zone on the document

Generates a “proof file”


Rental contracts

Work contracts

Business proposals



Thanks to CHECKNSIGN.IO, digital signature is now simple, intuitive and accessible to all.
The integration does not require heavy setup and the service is very user-friendly, effectively increasing productivity and instantly improving the user experience.
Whether in a point of sale or online, the electronic signature is managed in just a few clicks and significantly increases the conversion rate by simplifying all interactions.


Your digital signature project can be managed in just a few clicks, thanks to a web portal and an API that is very quick to integrate.
At AriadNEXT, a dedicated contact will assist you in every steps of your project.


As an official trust service provider issuing certificates (PSCE according to the French law) with RGS* qualification, AriadNEXT owns its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). With CHECKNSIGN.IO, AriadNEXT offers an digital signature based on an identity that is verified automatically thanks to an ID document.


AriadNEXT’s approach combines security, certification and user-friendliness. Our offer is based on the full automation of the certificate request process and the hosting of private keys on a Hardware Security Module (HSM), as requested by the new European standards.


Electronic signature
as simple as
handwritten signature


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