The innovative digital signature web application

The digital signature in just a few clicks

Cost reduction

RGS* certified

eIDAS compliant

Just a few clicks

Electronic signature made simple

Is paper signing a waste of time for you?
Printing a pdf, signing it, scanning it and sending it by email to the person who needs your signature is not exactly “optimal” for you?

Here’s a simple solution: CHECKNSIGN.IO

Our web application allows you to electronically sign any pdf document and thereby gives a legal value to your commitment. Save time and simplify your signing procedures for all your contractual documents.

By using the CHECKNSIGN.IO electronic signature, you choose a simple, legal solution that complies with eIDAS regulations – ensuring efficient sales processes and administrative management!

How does it work?

Provide your contract in pending signature

Download the pdf document to be signed and assign its signatories.

Sign the contract

The different signatories receive an email notification telling them that the document awaits their signature.
They click on a link to access the platform and then authenticate themselves with their ID (which is verified before the document is signed.)
You can then be sure of the identity of the persons who actually signed the document.

Receive the signed contract by email

The contract is now signed. All parties receive it by email.
The signature of the document is displayed directly in the PDF readers.

Key benefits

Saves time and increases productivity

Simplifies and accelerates your contracting process with a complete solution that requires no integration.
Your teams don’t waste time asking for signatures. Everything runs smoothly throughout the process: from the document’s issuance to archiving.

The process reflects a modern, dynamic image of your business – in line with today’s e-tools.

Asking your customers to print a PDF, to sign it manually and then send it back to you, scanned, by email or having them send the signed original copy by traditional mail is becoming an outdated process – and hinders customer conversion!
By switching to the digital signature request, you boost your image and processes.


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