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ID document verification

Our IDCHECK.IO API integrates ID document verification into your existing process, in real time. Passports, identity cards, residence permits, visas, driving licenses, etc. are checked smoothly and in no time.

Our IDCHECK.IO API supports identity documents from over 188 countries.
The verifications concern: the MRZ validity, its consistency with the information printed on the document and advanced security checks on the document’s aspect.

Verification of supporting documents

On top of ID document verification, IDCHECK.IO also allows you to extract specific information and to verify the following:

Proof of address
Telephone billing
Energy bills
Water bills
Housing and property taxes
VDS 2D-DOC secured documents
Bank and income documents
RIB / IBAN documents
Tax notices
Pay slips

Remote identification of the holder

IDCHECK.IO API integrates a secure and efficient facial recognition service. For us, it is a priority to optimize the results and the relevance of the service, that is why we use AI technology.

The facial recognition ensures an advanced identification of a holder’s document to secure your KYC process. Make sure to be in conformity with the regulations of your business.


Supporting document files

When your business process requires the creation of a record file with supporting documents, our API allows you to add specific rules to check the completeness and consistency of the file, as a whole.

Data from this document analysis also presents precious input for form filling or contract editing, depending on your business process.

Our API offers access to all this information, to best suit your needs.

How does it work?

The document is sent for verification

The image of the document to be analyzed is sent to our servers via our secured SOAP or REST APIs.

Document analysis

Our service automatically performs checks on the submitted document and extracts the data by OCR.


In just a few seconds, a data structure containing all the information extracted from the document is retrieved, together with the control results.

In addition:

IDCHECK.IO SDK can be used to accompany your users in capturing their documents.

IDCHECK.IO Back-Office will help you manage and provide an overview of your entire control process.


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