IDCHECK.IO Back-Office


The tool to manage your
document verification activity

IDCHECK.IO Back-Office,
are complementary functionalities for your needs
in automatic documents verification:

Monitor your document verification activity

Keep track of the controls performed

Comply with data confidentiality

Monitor your control files and enable a workflow for their validation

Real-time overview of your activity

All the analysis carried out by IDCHECK.IO are visible in the back-office to enable a simple and efficient monitoring. You have access to the history of each user with the control time, request parameters and control status.

Traceability of the controls performed

To allow you to come back on a previous control, IDCHECK.IO back-office gives you access to all the information transmitted during the initial analysis. You simply need to keep the control number, we take care of the rest. If needed, you can also export the control reports in a PDF to archive them in your information system.

Data confidentiality

AriadNEXT doesn’t keep any data without your agreement. However, some back-office functionalities are only available if the related data are kept.

For this reason, you can configure how long we keep the following data: pictures submitted, data extracted from the documents, technical analysis data. You get access to all functionalities while complying with your obligations for data protection. Naturally, all your personal data are encrypted.

Monitoring and validation of your customer files

In some cases, you might want to keep a manual validation of customer’s files, for example to manage cases when the automatic analysis has detected some potential problems. The back-office allows you to find files according to numerous research criteria and visualize their content: document pictures, data extracted…

Moreover, you can add comments and manually validate the files, which is crucial if you have multiple users.

IDCHECK.IO Back-Office works with all our ID verification services:

IDCHECK.IO Back-Office

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