Capturing and checking documents automatically
in online or offline modes

Need to integrate ID reading and automatic control into a mobile application?
Whether online or offline?
IDCHECK.IO SDK is for you!

Automatic Document Detection and Capture

Instant form prefilling

Optimized user experience

Information retrieval and MRZ verification

Automatic Document Capture

While checking documents in mobility, taking a photograph of a document can become a major problem. Whether it’s an ID card, a passport, a driver’s license or any other document, sometimes the lighting conditions are unpredictable, the quality of the optics often depends on the terminal used, and sometimes the user is not necessarily in an ideal position for shooting. Taking qualitative pictures can then quickly become a nightmare that prevents from a proper document analysis.

IDCHECK.IO SDK - what for?

This development kit is available for iOS and Android and can easily be integrated into any mobile app.
This is what it does for you:

Retrieves compatible images

with automatic (blur and glare free, etc.) analysis. IDCHECK.IO SDK automatically detects and captures the document in optimum conditions: no blur, no glare, sufficient zoom on the document, etc.

Instantly prefills the form

based on the user’s personal information. No need for the user to enter his/her personal information anymore. It is already entered in the form (the data is extracted by OCR from the original document.)

Optimizes the user’s experience

when taking a picture. IDCHECK.IO SDK tells the user what to do throughout the shooting: ‘move closer’, ‘move back’, and so on. The image is captured automatically, no need to trigger the camera when the quality is deemed satisfactory.

Extracts and checks initial information

from the document, directly onto a phone or tablet, extremely fast. With this information from the document, you will be able to fill in the user’s subscription form in just 1 second and benefit from a first level of control.

Discover our integrated SDK in our mobile application IDCHECK.IO APP.

Use our IDCHECK.IO SDK in addition to the IDCHECK.IO API document verification API.


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