SMARTCONTRACT in your points of sale

Digital contracting adapted to your needs

SMARTCONTRACT is compatible
with several types of devices to meet your
specific contracting needs.


A tablet solution For mobility needs

Mobility +++
ID verification ++
Digital signature ++
Transaction security +

A document reader To be used with the tablet for added security

Mobility -
ID verification +++
Digital signature ++
Transaction security ++

A secure deviceSCUBE, a secure, stand alone solution

Mobility -
ID verification +++
Digital signature +++
Transaction security +++

The tablet solution for contracting

Our tablet solution accompanies you everywhere for a 100% mobile digital contract.


Take advantage of the entire SMARTCONTRACT solution directly from a tablet. Lightweight and mobile, it allows you to stay close to your customer and to perform the entire contracting process in just a few clicks!
Whether it is used on point of sale, in mobile kiosks, or by your customer service, the tablet application is your best digital ally for sales contracting.

Electronic signature

The contract is signed with an digital signature that has legal value and is fully compliant with eIDAS regulations.

Optimized capture

An aid to document capturing allows you to obtain qualitative images directly from your touchpad camera. No need to take the picture, our tool captures the image at the right moment, to avoid any inconveniences such as blur or glare that could affect further document controls.

The document reader

Offers mobility through the tablet application, coupled with a secure document reader



The 3M TM document reader embedded in our SMARTCONTRACT tablet solution combines security with a multiple illumination ID scanning device, with mobility, via the tablet application.
The findings concerning the authenticity of the file’s ID are extremely reliable thanks to the security scan with daylight, infrared and ultraviolet light.


Shared within the sales team, this secure and supervised device becomes a real management tool for your service distribution.

Dedicated hardware

This terminal is entirely dedicated to your point of sale’s digital contracting activity.
Each subscription step is performed directly onto the terminal that adapts to your specific business processes.


SCUBE offers 100% secure contracting. Unlike conventional scanners, on top of taking daylight photos, this device captures ID images in ultraviolet and infrared light – allowing for greater document control during the contracting phase. Your fight against fraud at subscription becomes drastically more efficient!

SCUBE is similar to the device used by various national authorities, especially for border controls.

Qualified electronic signature

SCUBE’s secure environment offers the possibility to establish a digital contract with a qualified digital signature.


All SCUBEs are supervised remotely, which guarantees maximum availability of the solution.

Updates are performed automatically during the agencies’ closing hours.

An overview of all your contracts from the back office allows you to follow your sales activity in real time.

SMARTCONTRACT can also be used as a back office to manage and view your contracts:


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