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SMARTSTAMP.IO, offers simple solutions for the generation of visible digital seal 2D-Doc.

Why we imagined the Visible Digital Seal 2D-Doc

A lot of supporting documents that are printed are falsified and used fraudulently.
AriadNEXT and the National Agency for Secured Securities (ANTS) developed the 2D-Doc solution in order to address this issue.

In many cases, a large number of documents – although they present no security features – are used as supporting documents.

  • Fraud at subscription represents hundreds of millions of euros in losses,
  • Physical security is too expensive to set up, for most documents,
  • Printouts and original copies raise the problem of authenticity.

The visible digital seal 2D-Doc

2D-Doc delivers a tamper-proof printed or electronic document.

By putting a 2D-Doc VDS (Visible Digital Seal) on documents to be secured, SMARTSTAMP.IO makes security accessible for next to all supporting papers or electronic documents.

  • It offers a cost-effective technology compared to physical security,
  • The code is easy to check,
  • Confidential personal data are protected.

A 2D-Doc visible digital seal is a 2-dimensional bar code containing the essential information of the document on which it appears. It also includes the sender’s the digital signature. Developed by AriadNEXT, supported by the National Agency of Secured Documents and validated by the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems’ Security), our 2D-Doc device has also been adopted by many other countries.

How does it work?

Generating 2D-Docs

Suppose that your activity involves issuing documents and that you wish to insert VES 2D-Docs during your document generation.
Based on the client data that has been sent to AriadNEXT, SMARTSTAMP.IO generates VDS 2D-Docs on the fly.
AriadNEXT does not retain the transmitted data.

Applying 2D-Docs

The SMARTSTAMP.IO service easily interfaces with your compositions or your desktop publishing chains in order to apply your 2D-Docs on printed or electronic documents.

Checking 2D-Docs

When the issued document comes as supporting proof in a file, it is very simple to check it out.
You can either do it by using our mobile 2D-Doc Reader application or by using our document verification solution, IDCHECK.IO API.


Try our mobile application
for reading and
verifying 2D-Docs


Integrate the verification of Visible Digital Seal (VDS) into your solutions.

If you wish to integrate a visible electronic seal verification solution based on scanned documents into your business process, use our IDCHECK.IO API, which takes into account documents that are stamped by this device.


Why choose AriadNEXT?

We invented the 2D-Doc standard

150 million documents are stamped per year

We provide a complete offer

AriadNEXT – the 2D-Doc expert

Invented by AriadNEXT, 2D-Doc is a simple and effective way to fight document fraud and optimize your business processes. In close collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior via the National Agency for Secured Securities (ANTS), this standard was officially established by Decree: No. 2013-629, on July 16th, 2013.

By enclosing the document’s key information (invoices, bank statements, proof of income, etc.) in a 2-dimensional (Data Matrix) bar code, secured and electronically signed by the issuing body, this technique allows to secure all types of paper or digital documents.

AriadNEXT offers a complete range of solutions for your VDS needs – generation and verification alike. These solutions are available in SaaS or On Premise mode.

AriadNEXT is the first Certification Authority to have been listed by ANTS and authorized to issue 2D-Docs.



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