SMARTSTAMP.IO the generation API

Integrate document security into your business processes

Do you issue documents?
Looking for a secure and cost-effective way to secure them?

Integrate 2D-Doc security into your existing generation solution

Use a hybrid mechanism to dematerialize your documents

Participate in the fight against document fraud


Easy to integrate

The SMARTSTAMP.IO API provides multiple interfaces for document stamping on the fly: via web services or REST, or via batches (to handle larger volumes via file transfers.)

How does it work?

Transfer of key document information

The API allows you to transfer the data to be integrated into the VES. SMARTSTAMP.IO checks that the data complies with the standard and performs any required transformations.

2D-Doc generation

The visible digital seal is generated and signed electronically with the certificate issued to you by AriadNEXT’s certification authority (the first 2D-Doc certification authority certified in France).
The VDS is transferred to you in response to the API call, in synchronous or asynchronous mode.

Placing the code in your publishing chain

The SMARTSTAMP.IO API provides visible digital seals in different formats (TIFF or PNG image, C40 content, text, etc.) – allowing for seamless integration into document composition/authoring tools (outils de composition de documents). Every day, our customers integrate 2D-Doc visible digital seals into Extream, Openprint or Inspire platforms.

Secure and high-performance equipment for issuing

In Hosted or SaaS mode

The AriadNEXT SMARTSTAMP.IO equipment can generate 2D-Doc barcodes within a standard billing and publishing chain and place them on the fly, onto your documents. Integration is thereby achieved without any major impact. AriadNEXT works with the leading publishing providers to ensure a perfect integration of this solution.

The SMARTSTAMP.IO handles the creations of private keys in its internal cryptographic modules and also takes care of their declaration to the relevant authority (to be registered in the list of authorized keys or to be revoked).

  • With SMARTSTAMP.IO API, you can specify the input and output formats and exchange protocols of the information flows to be stamped.
  • Our solution is capable of stamping several streams of separate documents in parallel and can also handle different sets of private keys, according to the information flows to be stamped.
  • Equipped with a secure administration interface, SMARTSTAMP.IO API is easy to set up and operate.
  • It can be either be installed in the issuer’s information system or hosted by AriadNEXT in Cloud / SaaS mode.
  • Given its high-performance infrastructure, AriadNEXT is capable of generating tens of millions of visible digital seals per day.


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