SMARTSTAMP.IO the generation APP

An innovative application to secure documents via 2D-Doc

Secure documents in a few clicks

Autonomous and simple generation

Ideal for small volumes

Fast and cost-effective securing

How does it work?

Template creation for the documents to be secured

We help you to create a template for the document you want to secure. The content and location of the 2D-Doc visible digital seal are also defined. We support along the entire process, to define a new type of VDS. We issue the electronic certificate to sign the codes.

Entering the document's specific data

You enter the document's key information (the data that will be stamped onto the document and integrated into the 2D-Doc) on a secured web portal 2D-Doc.

Generating and fixing the 2D-Doc VDS

Using the information provided, the 2D-Doc is generated and signed electronically with your issuing certificate. The document is also generated according to your model and the VDS 2D-Doc is fixed onto the chosen location.

Retrieving the secured document

The secured document is available in pdf format for digital distribution or printing. Printing does not affect the security of the document.



National Authority related documents

Proof of address



… and many others


We provide a simple and intuitive application

The SMARTSTAMP.IO app is very easy to use. It allows an identified user to generate documents secured by the Visible Digital Seal 2D-Doc device – in just a few seconds!

Accessible from a simple browser, the app is capable of generating single or batch documents by importing data files.

AriadNEXT’s high-performance and secure equipment

AriadNEXT’s secure infrastructures can produce tens of millions of visible electronic seals per day. They are audited every year to provide our customers with guaranteed optimal operating safety.

In addition, no data provided by our customers is kept after the generation of the visible digital seals.


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