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Sharing economy

Sharing economy

The growth of collaborative economies is based on the mutual trust that two parties are willing to invest, while entering a relationship via an online connection. On this very dynamic market, the changes in users’ habits are greatly accelerated and facilitated by smartphones and the overall digitization of services.

In a forward-looking market, these new activities should offer smooth user experience – be it for mobile or standard online use.

Companies working in the sharing economy trust us:

Combating fraud: a major challenge for the sharing economy

Housing rentals, carpooling, second-hand sales, service exchanges, crowdfunding, etc. – the development of these news economic models is based on a remote Internet-dependent relationship. Identification is thus more difficult, and fraudulent activity such as identity theft is booming.

As a response to this issue, ARIADNEXT offers a fully secure and automated verification solution for ID documents and user identity.

Our solutions provide concrete and high-performance answers to your issues

KYC and AML regulatory obligations

Detecting fraud

Document verification

Bank transactions

Customer registration

Establishing a trusting relationship

ARIADNEXT’s verification solutions offer real-time answers as to the validity of documents provided at the very start of a customer relationship, as well as to the true identity of the people standing behind their computer cameras.

Passport, ID card, driving licence, residence permit, bank statement, proof of address: you can now instantly check your customers’ documents. Here at ARIADNEXT, we are able to process identity documents from over 180 countries.

Fostering innovative customer experiences

Documents are read in real time using IDCHECK.IO SDK and IDCHECK.IO API, which means user experience is improved as it helps them capture their documents and pre-fill in part of the required information drawing on the data extracted from the supporting documents.

Thanks to its high-performance capture tools to be used with smartphones or computers, provides a comprehensive, mobile and easy-to-use solution.

Optimizing your ROI

Whether used for reducing file processing costs, automating customer relationship processes, reducing the risk of fraud or improving conversion rate, IDCHECK.IO’s verification solutions are true levers for your ROI optimisation.

Our products in use – concrete example of how our solutions are used

Customer case study

ADA entrusts us with checking identity documents for self-service car rentals.

1.The requirement

Optimising user experience by creating a secure account in real time. Reduce costs related to customer onboarding.

2.Solution API to automatically verify documents in real time. SDK to capture documents using a mobile application.


Improved conversion rate of users.
Reduction of back-office costs.
Total disappearance of fraudulent subscription attempts.

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