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The digitisation of the customer journey is creating new challenges for telephone operators who, in an increasingly competitive environment, must enable their subscribers and new customers to access an end-to-end online offer while maintaining strong identification in order to meet their regulatory obligations.

They must therefore reinvent their subscription path online, but also at the point of sale by relying on digitized and trusted processes.

Telecoms companies trust us:

Towards a secure automatic subscription process

Moreover, this is a sector in which customer experience is essential and needs to be rendered as smooth as possible. Collecting paper-form supporting documents and physically signing contracts incur very high processing costs.

The challenge for stakeholders in the field of telecommunications is to roll out solutions enabling them to move all their acts and contracts to paperless forms, whilst limiting subscription fraud

ARIADNEXT can help you in the construction of a multichannel, simple and reliable customer process.

Our solutions provide concrete and high-performance answers to your issues

KYC and AML regulatory obligati

Combating fraud

Customer registration

Verification of documents

Our solutions provide concrete and high-performance answers to your issues

Automation of operations

On the one hand, services make it possible to verify the customer’s supporting documents during the subscription process. On the other hand, Checkn’Sign services implement a quick and simple electronic signature solution for all your contracts. Lastly, verification and signature APPs - available in 100% mobile or web mode - allow for quick interfacing of our technologies within your point-of-sale and online process. pushes back the boundaries of ID verification by offering a facial recognition and liveness detection solution.

Improved online customer experience

Our solutions offer capture and signature tools that can be rolled out in a 100% mobile or web process - developed with the single goal of improving online customer experience.

Thanks to its high-performance capture tools to be used with smartphones or computers, provides a comprehensive, mobile and easy-to-use solution.


Our solutions complement the upcoming eSIM processes, by integrating the existing KYC regulatory constraints or simply by allowing the creation of a mobile identity.

Our products in use – concrete example of how our solutions are used

Customer case study

SFR entrusts us with making its in-store procedures paperless.

1.The requirement

After a lengthy initial period of 6 years experience using our S<CUBE technology, SFR wanted to expand the usage of our services to make their in-store processes 100% paperless using tablets.

2.Solution API to verify identity documents and other documents (bank account details, cheque, proof of address).

Checkn’ for electronic signature of documents. APP and Checkn’ APP for simple and fast interface between SFR’s CRM tools and our signature verification services.


Fraudulent subscriptions cut by three.

Front and back office costs reduced by 80%.

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