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ARIADNEXT is an associate member of FIDO ALLIANCE

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FIDO ALLIANCE is an association that is revolutionizing the password era. Its mission? To develop identification standards that reduce users’ excessive dependence on passwords, while offering a secure connection.

Classical authentication, by identifier and password, is becoming very complex today for various reasons. On the one hand, manual entry of data and passwords is becoming time-consuming with the growth and multiplicity of online services. On the other hand, data security is increasingly threatened by cybercriminals. Since 2012, FIDO ALLIANCE has been offering a new standard, which is both secure and easy to use, and which eliminates the need to manage a multitude of identifiers and passwords. By relying on two-factor authentication, FIDO ALLIANCE allows encrypted and anonymous connections, but also connections that do not require a password.

To develop and promote its projects, FIDO ALLIANCE is led by hundreds of world technology leaders in the fields of payment, telecoms, government, identity verification and health. All members contribute to the mission to reduce the world’s dependence on passwords by establishing best practices for the deployment of FIDO authentication and by raising awareness of this practice among all users. It is in this context that ARIADNEXT is an associate member of FIDO ALLIANCE.

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