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ARIADNEXT is pleased to announce that it has obtained a CSPN (First Level Security Certification) for its authentication system, issued by the ANSSI

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Rennes, October 26th, 2021 – This CSPN, issued on September 1st, guarantees the user a proven level of security on the authentication part of the digital identity. Thanks to this CSPN, ARIADNEXT is on its way to obtain the substantial security level defined by the eIDAS Regulation for its YRIS digital identity solution presented in September at the FIC. Next step: PVID certification.


Digital identity is a European wish


The European Commission wants to offer all its citizens a reliable and secure digital identity to connect to third-party services through a single digital solution that aggregates identity elements (eCNI, passport, health card, various credentials, etc.) in one place, safe, protected and easy to access. Creating and using a digital identity will allow to prove one’s identity remotely simply via a smartphone and a PIN code, and will facilitate authentication procedures, which are more and more recurrent in daily life.


A guaranteed level of security


In France, players subject to the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Directive are required to carry out a Know Your Customer (KYC) process and verify the identity of their new customers. Currently, this KYC consists of at least two complementary identity verification measures (copy of the National Identity Card, technical identity verification solution). However, the substantial level of digital identity (in accordance with the eIDAS 1.0 regulation), considered as a self-sufficient measure by the AML/CFT Directive, will facilitate the KYC, which will only consist of one step. This is why the substantial level of digital identity solutions are very much expected in France by banks and other financial institutions subject to the AML/CFT Directive.


This same level of identity guarantee also allows to send or receive an electronic registered letter, or to perform a qualified electronic signature. These services are already available but will be made much more accessible and easy to use by the use of a digital identity and thus allow to accelerate the digitalization of our economy.


How to get that level of security?


Technically, a digital identity solution has two essential elements: a remote identity verification component that allows the creation and validation of the citizen’s identity; and an authentication means that provides secure access to the desired service. 


However, for a digital identity service to reach a substantial level of security certified by the ANSSI, each of these two elements must undergo several audits or qualifications in order to deliver a secure service at the required level: 

– The remote identity verification service used to create the identity must be certified according to the PVID standard (ANSSI), 

– The mobile digital identity application must obtain a basic qualification (ANSSI) which is obtained by passing several audits and certifications, including the CSPN certification of the authentication method.


The YRIS solution on its way to the substantial level?


It is in this context that, since September 1, 2021, ARIADNEXT has been awarded a CSPN by the ANSSI for its authentication tool developed in collaboration with its partner Wultra, a recognized supplier of software technologies related to digital security. This component used within the YRIS digital identity application offers a high level SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) two-factor authentication method (possession of the smartphone and knowledge of the pin code).


ARIADNEXT’s YRIS digital identity solution is now on its way to substantial level thanks to the certification of an essential part of its service. At the same time, the company is continuing its work to obtain PVID certification for its remote identity verification service, which is already being evaluated by the ANSSI. And work is already underway to make YRIS an electronic wallet that complies with the European Commission’s requirements.


“This CSPN is a first step in our quest to become one of the leaders of the future European digital identity. We are confident that the shift towards digital identity will be a real positive evolution for our customers and a simplification of the daily life of our fellow citizens” says Marc Norlain, co-founder of ARIADNEXT.


Link to the press release : CP-CSPN-English

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